The Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies is a collaboration between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the State Government of Queensland.

ProcessingThe establishment of the Centre flows from an agreement between the Australian and Queensland Governments in 1990 to expand and diversify the research and development activities undertaken by CSIRO in Queensland.

The Centre commenced operation in 1992 and was officially opened in 1993. Following the construction of new facilities, Stage Two was opened in 2000. Planning for Stage Three expansion is already under way.


QCAT is a world class research and development precinct recognised for the excellence of its contribution to the mining, energy and manufacturing industries.

Our mission is to generate products and processes of high value to Australia’s mineral, energy resources, and manufacturing industries with particular focus on those resources and industries located in Queensland.


Our goal is to increase the international competitiveness and efficiency of Queensland’s and Australia’s resource based and related industries.


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