Low Emission Coal Technology

The goal of QCAT’s energy research is to improve power generation efficiencies, reduce emissions and develop new low emissions power generation systems. Currently four groups research clean coal technology:



In partnership with industry and government CSIRO is developing new low emission coal technologies to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in combination with techniques to clean carbon from emissions and store it safely. Coal mine methane capture and utilisation, low emission technologies and social attitudes to energy technologies are the focus areas for CSIRO research in this field.

Coal mine methane capture

The following three research projects are being undertaken with Chinese partners under the Bilateral Climate Change Partnership Programme and are aimed at helping build the capacity for developing counties to take action on climate change.

  • VAMCAT – power from mine methane
  • Coal mine methane resources and potential project development
  • Coal mine methane capture maximisation

Low emission technologies

Social attitudes to energy technologies

Considerable effort is being directed into growing research looking at the effects of the uptake and/or acceptance of technology and the institutions that constrain science. QCAT is leading an initiative on Minerals and Energy in Society that hopes to provide a practical route to achieving sustainability that does not undermine commercial advantages in the minerals industry.

Social uptake of alternative energy futures report - Download

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