Autonomous Systems      

Information and Communication Technology is a core enabling technology that flows through many areas of new development in a diverse range of industries. The CSIRO ICT Centre's Autonomous Systems Laboratory , based at QCAT is a leading research group in the areas of field robotics and sensor networks. We are developing new techniques for 3D perception and localisation, the autonomous control of machines, and the operation of large scale outdoor wireless sensor networks. Our key strength lies in combining these techniques to produce novel solutions to practical problems in fields such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and for the energy sector.


Field Robotics

CSIRO is developing technologies that will allow robotic systems to assist or replace humans performing tasks that are difficult, repetitive, unpleasant, or take place in hazardous environments. Our research focuses on methods for improving three-dimensional situational awareness, including sensing surroundings, constructing world models from sensor data, and detecting and interacting with obstacles and other moving objects. We focus on developing robust, reliable robotic systems that can operate for long periods in complex, dynamic, and unforgiving environments such as mine sites, industrial facilities, sub-sea oil fields, waterways, and low altitude airspace.

Applications of our research include:

•  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
•  Materials Handling
•  Mining Automation

Sensor networks

We are developing wireless sensor networks that will revolutionise the collection of data for applications such as environmental and infrastructure monitoring. These networks will provide long-term high quality, high resolution and low-cost data that will lead to improved management outcomes. Our research addresses the challenges of programming, deploying, and operating networks of many thousand of nodes over large geographical areas where the nodes must be able to run for many years without hands-on maintenance and using only power harvested from the environment (e.g. via solar panels).

Our wireless sensor network technology is being used in:

•  Agriculture
•  Environmental Monitoring
•  Water Quality Monitoring

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