Advanced Materials and Engineering    

Advanced material Engineering is an emerging R&D cluster at the QCAT precinct that focuses on light metals and fibre composites, growing sectors in Queensland's developing manufacturing industry.


Manufacturing with Light Metals

Light metals are a vital component of the Australian economy, with Australia being the world's leading producer of bauxite and alumina. CSIRO light metals research is helping Queensland meet increased demand for aluminium and magnesium alloy technologies especially in the automotive industry.

Light metals fatigue project is part of the Light Metals National Research Flagship and is looking at improving fatigue properties of parts manufactured by high-pressure diecasting process.

Magna Pour
Magnesium alloy development - is proving to give light castings with excellent properties at the typical temperatures found in car engines.

Working with BlueScope Steel the steel coating improvements project is set to develop improved coating alloys.

LinkCSIRO Process Science and Engineering website

Fibre Composites

Researchers from CSIRO use the properties of fibre composites to improve existing designs and create new products that would be impossible using other materials.

Lightweight corrosion-resistant fibreglass piping systems - working with AC Whalan, researchers are developing a lightweight, reusable duct system which is expected to replace corrodible steel piping in many coal mines.

Fire suppression duct - a reusable ducting system compatible with a GAG fire suppression unit.

Borehole sensor housing - working with CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering, a borehole housing is being developed that does not interfere radiation detectors imbedded in the housing.

LinkCSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering website

Teakle Composites

Teakle Composites is a new company specialising in product development using fibre composite materials. The company has been working on four main projects since the beginning of 2008:

  • Design, test and manufacture of a fibreglass borehole liner for Thomas & Coffey Ltd
  • Development of a lightweight corrosion resistant piping system for underground coal mines for AC Whalan & Co, CSIRO and the Qld State Government
  • Development of fibre composite drill rod, coiled tubing and casing-while-drilling technology for theTeakle Composites Logo Minerals Down Under Flagship
  • Fabrication of a carbon fibre scramjet intake for the University of Queensland

Link Teakle Composites website


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