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Working with CSIRO

CSIRO actively seeks partnerships and joint ventures with research organisations, governments and a wide range of industries. Partnership arrangements are tailored to suit the needs of individual customers - we work with industry and other potential research users to maximise the opportunities that research and development create.

QCAT also provides a range of research services with the most common arrangement being:

  • information exchange - CSIRO regularly works with industry groups to identify where R&D can have the most impact on its business
  • joint developments - many of our projects are collaborations with one or more clients, with costs, risks, knowledge and benefits shared
  • licence agreement - to commercialise outcomes of CSIRO research
  • consultancies - technical assistance with specific problems not directly covered by commercial laboratories or consultants
  • commercial research - many projects are undertaken on a commercial and confidential basis with costs and benefits, including any intellectual property, going to the client
  • staff exchange - postdoctoral, professional and industry training secondments


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